Volunteering Recognition

What is it?

At the Students’ Union, we want to recognise the time and energy our volunteers give to improving life on campus and throughout their communities. We offer a wide range of internal volunteering opportunities such as club and societies committee members and student reps. 

We recognise that when you graduate you want to stand out from the crowd, and that there is so much more to University than a degree. You can use the Employability and Recognition Tracker to record your skills and capture the experiences you are gaining outside of your studies through volunteering and be rewarded for that.

This employability and Recognition Tracker allows you to reflect on the skills gained as a result of volunteering, This can help you when applying for jobs by demonstrating your experience and employability skills for life after graduation. It will also help you to identify the variety of transferable skills you are gaining as a volunteer and allow you to identify gaps in your experience.

Who can take part?

All Students’ Union Volunteers can take part.

Why should I take part?

Once you have completed the form, you will be able to download a report of all the skills you have gained, this can easily be used when applying for internships, placements, jobs, and further education. 

You can receive a skills-based certificate and a written reference from your volunteer coordinator for future employment (available on request)

How to fill it out?

Complete the form here

Any questions?

Please contact: [email protected]