Settling in

When you arrive at the University of Sussex, there are a few things that you should tick off your list early so that you are ready to go when term begins.These involve setting up an English bank account, registering for the doctors, and getting the right SIM card to use your mobile phone in the UK.

Sussex Campus


Setting up an English bank account is definitely worth it. Save future you lots of time and money by getting it sorted early on!

Save the Student offer loads of good advice on how to choose a bank and how to open an account as well as an International Student bank reviews and a handy comparison table. To visit their website: Click Here to Find out more


Which? University has a student budget calculator to help plan your spending before you get here.
All you need to do is enter Sussex into the search bar to get a rough monthly breakdown of how you’ll need. Click Here to find out more

Things to budget for are:

  • Travel between campus and Brighton
  • Accommodation
  • Bills
  • Food and Drink
  • Day-to-day living costs - clothing, stationery, household goods, etc.
  • Additional Course Costs
  • Socialising - event tickets, club entry, bar entry, etc.
  • Travel and sightseeing around the UK
  • Travel to the UK
  • Travel home
  • Health and travel insurance

The University website also offer advice on why you should open a UK bank account, how to get set up before you leave home, and types of banking. Click Here to Find out more

Make sure you sign up for an NUS extra card - TOTUM - to get student discount on shops across the UK. TOTUM also offers a 12-month International Student Identity Card and A PASS-accredited proof of age ID card. Great for taking to the pub! Click Here to Find out more

UK Mobile Phone


You can collect a free GiffGaff SIMcard for your mobile phone when you first arrive at university. We’ll be giving them out during Welcome Week at various events and at the Freshers’ Fair.

The GiffGaff SIMcard comes preloaded with £5 and fits standard, micro, and nano SIM card trays. There’s no contract to sign, you just need to make sure your phone is unlocked.

Doctor (General Practitioner - GP) & the Dentist

Make sure you register with the Health Centre on campus as soon as you arrive at Sussex to get a local Doctor in case of any medical issues that may arise. Don’t wait until you need medical attention as registrations take a minimum of 24 hours to be processed and can take longer. Find out how to register here

The National Health Service (NHS) is the UK’s state healthcare system providing a range of health care services. These include doctor’s appointments, hospital treatments and dental care. To find out more about what you are entitled to, click here

Council Info

Brighton and Hove council are responsible for services like rubbish collection and recycling, housing, and planning permission. As a student, you can use their website to register for Council Tax, buy parking permits, pay parking fines, check bin and recycling collection days and lots more. Click Here to Find out more

Council Tax is a tax on domestic property collected by your local council used13:38 27/11/2019 to pay for local services such as schools, rubbish collection, roads, and street lighting.

Students don’t need to pay Council Tax but you will need to register with the council to ensure that you aren’t charged. Click Here to Find out more