University Accommmodation

Sometimes things go wrong in your university accommodation. For common disrepair issues read your accommodation handbook and report them as advised. Keep records of dates you reported the problem in case it isn't resolved quickly. You can access repair report forms for each accommodation here.

There's lots of information on the university housing webpages on what to do if you have a problem in your university accommodation - Click here for residential support.

Here's some FAQ's that students often ask us:

I want to leave my tenancy

The university housing contract is a legal document and it's generally very difficult to leave early, even if you terminate your agreement you are legally still held liable for the rent until a suitable replacement is found, except in exceptional circumstances listed in your tenancy contract. If you want to leave your tenancy, talk to the housing office about your options.

I am having problems with my flatmates

We're happy to discuss the individual circumstances with you, living with people you don't get on with can be incredibly stressful. If discussing the situation with your flatmates doesn't work talk to your residential adviser initially, they may be able to make suggestions or mediate a flat meeting. In more serious cases you may want to consider swapping accommodation, in which case talk to the housing office. If it is affecting your studies then talk to the Student Life Centre for support.

Additionally, the Peer Mediation Clinic offers free online mediation sessions. It's for all students enrolled at the University of Sussex who are experiencing disputes and conflicts with their peers or students interested in consensual, peaceful resolution of disagreements.

I want to complain

Firstly, follow the advice in your accommodation handbook on who to report the issues to. If things don't get resolved, talk to us about options or use the complaints process below.

The housing office have a specific housing complaint form to deal with level 1 complaints.

You can access the form here.

Hopefully your complaint will be resolved to your satisfaction at this level, if it isn't then get in touch to discuss your individual situation further or you may want to consider making a formal complaint under the university complaints process - see here for further details.

I want to claim compensation

The current university official housing compensation policy only deals with compensation claims for loss of facilities in your accommodation for example loss of heating, water, cooking or bathroom facilities. Be aware that you need to claim compensation quickly- the policy states you need to make the claim within 30 days of the problem being resolved.

Click here for the full compensation policy.

Other claims are dealt with on an individual case by case basis. Talk to us about how to argue your case - you generally will need to show that you experienced financial loss or detriment or that the problem you are complaining about affected your health (and provide evidence).