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Help with housing

At the Students' Union we run our own ethical, student-focused lettings agency - Sussex Student Lettings. We know that students can occasionally encounter problems with both University and private rented accommodation, so have a look at the links below for information and advice.

Information on househunting

Brighton & Hove is a popular place to live and has lots of areas with their own character and features.

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Renting from a private landlord

You can find a lot of useful information on the local and national websites listed in here to help you with your issues regarding private tenancies and landlords.

University Accommodation

Sometimes things go wrong in your university accommodation, here you can find some FAQ's that students often ask us.

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Sussex Students Renters’ Union

Our exciting new initiative set up by SU officers and students campaigners to educate students on our rights as tenants, and organise for better living conditions.

If you have housing issues and would like some mediation support, the Peer Mediation Clinic offers free online mediation sessions. It's for all students enrolled at the University of Sussex who are experiencing disputes and conflicts with their peers or students interested in consensual, peaceful resolution of disagreements.