Help with health, legal, employment, money and consumer issues

If you have a problem regarding one of the types of issues listed below, please follow the links given to sources of University and external specialist advice and support agencies:


Can’t get out of your mobile or gym contract? Problems with your international travel? Check out the websites below for information about your consumer rights:


You might need to find a job, discover your employment rights while at work or want to find out about tax - check out the websites below for information:

Health and wellbeing

Taking care of yourself is important- both your physical and mental health. There are lots of support services on campus and also off campus. Check out the websites below for more help:


The Student Life Centre in Bramber House is the main centre for funding and finance advice on campus. National Debtline is a useful external, free resource:

Legal issues

Sometimes you may need legal advice for complicated problems. Obviously, you could speak to a solcitor, but be aware that there will almost certainly be a significant charge for their advice. There are also free 'law clinics' on campus which operate during term time, and which are run by students who are supported by a local soliciors' firm, which can offer specialist help with housing, employment, immigration, family and criminal justice issues: