If you want to make a report about someone

There is a easy-to-complete online reporting form available on the University website at: http://www.sussex.ac.uk/ogs/policies/student-discipline/online-forms. Alternatively you can send an email to [email protected]

Try to give as many relevant factual details as possible about the incident/ behaviour. Include any written evidence such as emails, texts or social media messages

For serious incidents the University may be able to put in place 'precautionary action' regarding the person being complained about, for example a temporary exclusion on that person coming on to campus, or attending teaching or social events organised by the University. They can also be told to avoid any contact with you, whether in-person or via social media or email. Each case is decided on the individual circumstances as appropriate. Make sure that you tell the Governance Office if you feel threatened or insecure about anyone, or if you believe that someone is ignoring precautionary action instructions.

Please be aware that the University does not really regard a discipline report as as being 'your case' once the report has been submitted -- The disiplinary process is seen as being a process between the University and the person being complained about. You may be viewed as an important witness, but you will not necessarily be kept updated about the progress of investigations. In the case of more serious allegations (for example, sexual assault or harrassment) the University will make sure that you are aware of any precautionary action, and may inform you about the eventual outcome of a disciplinary case, but don't expect to be informed about every detail of the case. Please to talk to us if you have questions or concerns about this aspect of the discipinary framework.

FAQ’s for people considering making a report:

Can I make an anonymous report?

Unfortunatley, no. The University will only formally investigate reports where you give your contact details. The person being complained about will not necessarily be given your name, however, as explained above, they will be given enough information so that they can understand the allegation being made regarding them. In many cases this will be sufficient for them to realise who has made the initial report.

If I make a report will I have to face the other student?

If a report is made which is delt with at category 1 or 2 then you may be invited to your own, separate meeting with the Investigating Officer where you can give evidence and explain your version of events. If the case becomes a category 3 case and is dealt with by a panel then you may be asked to give evidence at the hearing. This could in theory be in-person, in which case you may end up seeing the other student and may be asked questions by the panel which have been proposed/suggested by the other student or their representative. (However, any such questions are always 'vetted' in advance by the Chair of the panel). In our experience, most witnesses involved in category 3 panels are given the option of appearing at hearings via a skype link, in which case you would be in a separate room and would not encounter the other student.