Attendance and student progress issue

Students at Sussex are expected to maintain a good level of attendence for teaching events (lectures, tutorials, lab sessions, scheduled meetings with tutors or supervisors, etc), to participate in class discussions and to engage with tutors and fellow students regarding their studies.

Schools are required to monitor students' levels of attendance and engagement, and to 'chase up' students who have consistently poor levels of attendance or engagement.

The University's expectation is that students will contact their School administration office or Director of Student Experience if they are unable to attend their teaching events for more than 6 days, for whatever reason. This will allow the School to record the student's non-attendance as 'authorised', and to offer them support if appropriate.

Students who have significant unauthorised non-attendance, or whose level of engagegment during teaching events is giving cause for concern, will probably be contacted by their School office, reminded of the University's expectations regarding attendance & engagemen, and encouraged to contact their Academic Adviser or the Student Life Centre to discuss any problems they may be having which are impacting on their studies.

If a student's attendance or engagement does not improve then the School will problably contact them and invite them to attend a 'School Progress meeting' with their Director of Student Experience & other academics from their Department. The purpose of this meeting will be to explain why the Department has concerns about the student, to explore with them any issues which may be causing difficulties for the student, and to identify whether there is any support which the student could access to improve their situation (either within the Department, the wider University or sources of external support).

If a student's levels of attendance or engagement are very low then they may be asked to sign a 'learning agreement' whereby they undertake to seek appropriate support and improve their performance.

Get in touch with us if you are having difficulties with your attendance or engagement!

The University does take the above issues seriously, and a persistant failure to attend your course or engage with your studies can ultimately result in your School making a decision to withdraw you from your studies, either temporarily or permanently.

Furthemore, 'Tier 4' students may find that their problems with engagement or attendance are 'flagged' by the University to the UK Visa & Immigration Service, which can cause problems with their visa.

Don't struggle alone with any problems you are having which are impacting on your studies. We can help you explain the difficulties you have been having to your Department, and we can acompany you to any progress-related meeting which you may be asked to attend.