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The Student Union advice team provide advice on University-related issues and housing for every Sussex student. If it’s not an area we cover then we can point you in the right direction to get help.

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SU Advice Appointment

Our advice team for every student at University of Sussex. We're happy to help you directly or put you in touch with the right people.

How are you doing

Student Check-in

With uncertainty lingering, we want to help our students wherever possible so we’ve launched a telephone support service to check in and see how you’re doing.

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Housing Advice

For information about finding accommodation, and problems which arise while renting University accommodation or privately rented accommodation

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International Students

Find out more about the UK, socialising in and around Sussex and everything else you need to know when you come to study here at Sussex.

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Student Parents

We have a family room in our building available for use by student parents, families and family support groups for free.

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Academic Appeals

Find out the rules for appealing and how to submit an appeal

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Academic Misconduct

For information if there are concerns about academic misconduct in your work

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Exceptional Circumstances

Contact us if you experience problems with exceptional circumstances.

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Student Discipline

Get help if you have an allegation made against you under the University’s disciplinary rules, or if you wish to report an incident

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Complaints about the Students' Union

Get help about complaining to the Students’ Union about SU services, events or other SU-related issues

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Complaints about the University

Get help and tips about how to complain to the University about academic issues or services provided

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Reporting violence, harassment or sexual abuse

The Students’ Union is committed to creating a safe and inclusive environment in which everyone is able to participate freely.

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Fitness to Practice

If you are on a professional course ( e.g social work or teaching) and concerns arise regarding your conduct or suitability to practice

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Attendance and Student Progress

Get help if you have problems with your attendance and you are called to a student progress meeting

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Health, Legal, Employment, Money and Consumer

See here for useful information and links for these areas of advice

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Help settling into Sussex

Get matched with another student based on your preference who will be there to help you to make the most of your time here.