We support over 180 student-led societies. There are plenty to choose from and they are simple to join, and if you can't find the one you're looking for it is simple to start your own. There are resources online to guide you through running a society, from putting on events and fundraisers to holding elections.

A Cappella Society of Sussex (ASS) image

A Cappella Society of Sussex (ASS)

Access Society  image

Access Society

Accounting Society image

Accounting Society

Activities Society  image

Activities Society

Adventist Students on Campus (ASC) image

Adventist Students on Campus (ASC)

Aerial image


African Writers image

African Writers

Afro-Caribbean Society image

Afro-Caribbean Society

Airsoft Society image

Airsoft Society

Album Listening Society image

Album Listening Society

All Gender Jive and Blues Society (AGJab) image

All Gender Jive and Blues Society (AGJab)

Amicus ALJ image

Amicus ALJ

Amnesty International Society image

Amnesty International Society

Anime & Manga Society image

Anime & Manga Society

Arab Society image

Arab Society

Archer Martin Society  image

Archer Martin Society

Archery Tag Society image

Archery Tag Society

Art How Magazine image

Art How Magazine

Art Society  image

Art Society

Aspiring Barristers image

Aspiring Barristers

Astrology  image


Astronomy Society  image

Astronomy Society

Bahá'í Society image

Bahá'í Society

Ballet Society image

Ballet Society

BAME Society image

BAME Society

Bangladesh Students' Society image

Bangladesh Students' Society

Bhakti Yoga Society image

Bhakti Yoga Society

Big Band image

Big Band

Bingo image


Biochemistry Society  image

Biochemistry Society

Bioethics Society image

Bioethics Society

Biology Society image

Biology Society

Biomedical Science Society image

Biomedical Science Society

BLESS image


Board Game Society  image

Board Game Society

Boob Team image

Boob Team

Brainstorming image


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu image

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Bread Basket Brighton Society image

Bread Basket Brighton Society

Brighton & Sussex Marrow image

Brighton & Sussex Marrow

Brighton Sound of Zion Gospel Choir  image

Brighton Sound of Zion Gospel Choir

Brighton: Sexpression image

Brighton: Sexpression

British Sign Language (BSL) image

British Sign Language (BSL)

BSMS African and Caribbean Society (BSMS ACS) image

BSMS African and Caribbean Society (BSMS ACS)

BSMS Anaesthetics Society image

BSMS Anaesthetics Society

BSMS Anatomy Society image

BSMS Anatomy Society

BSMS Association for Medical Education and Clinica image

BSMS Association for Medical Education and Clinica

BSMS Baking Society (BakeSoc) image

BSMS Baking Society (BakeSoc)

BSMS Cardiology Society image

BSMS Cardiology Society

BSMS Cardiothoracic Surgical Society (BSMS CTSS) image

BSMS Cardiothoracic Surgical Society (BSMS CTSS)

BSMS Choir Society image

BSMS Choir Society

BSMS Christian Medical Fellowship image

BSMS Christian Medical Fellowship

BSMS Emergency Medicine Society image

BSMS Emergency Medicine Society

BSMS Friends of MSF  image

BSMS Friends of MSF

BSMS GastroSoc image

BSMS GastroSoc

BSMS Geriatrics Society image

BSMS Geriatrics Society

BSMS GP Society image

BSMS GP Society

BSMS Green Medicine image

BSMS Green Medicine

BSMS Homed (Homeless Healthcare) Society (HoMed) image

BSMS Homed (Homeless Healthcare) Society (HoMed)

BSMS Intensive Care Medicine Society (BSMS ICMS) image

BSMS Intensive Care Medicine Society (BSMS ICMS)

BSMS Islamic Society image

BSMS Islamic Society

BSMS Medic Revue image

BSMS Medic Revue

BSMS Medical Design & Illustration Society image

BSMS Medical Design & Illustration Society

BSMS Medical Feminist Society image

BSMS Medical Feminist Society

BSMS Medical Leadership & Management Society  image

BSMS Medical Leadership & Management Society

BSMS MedSoc image


BSMS MedTech image

BSMS MedTech

BSMS Mixed Dance Society image

BSMS Mixed Dance Society

BSMS Murmur image

BSMS Murmur

BSMS Neuroscience image

BSMS Neuroscience

BSMS Nutritank ( Nutritank @ BSMS) image

BSMS Nutritank ( Nutritank @ BSMS)

BSMS Obstetrics &  Gynaecology Society image

BSMS Obstetrics & Gynaecology Society

BSMS Oncology, Haematology and Palliative Care (OH image

BSMS Oncology, Haematology and Palliative Care (OH

BSMS Paediatric Society image

BSMS Paediatric Society

BSMS Pakistani Society  image

BSMS Pakistani Society

BSMS Poetry and Story Telling (PoST) image

BSMS Poetry and Story Telling (PoST)

BSMS Psychiatry Society image

BSMS Psychiatry Society

BSMS Radiology Society  image

BSMS Radiology Society

BSMS Raising and Giving (RAG) Society image

BSMS Raising and Giving (RAG) Society

BSMS Refugee Support  image

BSMS Refugee Support

BSMS Research Society  image

BSMS Research Society

BSMS Rocksoc image

BSMS Rocksoc

BSMS Snow Society image

BSMS Snow Society

BSMS Spectrum  image

BSMS Spectrum

BSMS Students for Global Health image

BSMS Students for Global Health

BSMS Surgical  image

BSMS Surgical

BSMS Tea & Empathy image

BSMS Tea & Empathy

BSMS Wilderness Medicine image

BSMS Wilderness Medicine

Buddhist Mindfulness & Meditation Society image

Buddhist Mindfulness & Meditation Society

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Society  (BTVSS) image

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Society (BTVSS)

Bulgarian Society image

Bulgarian Society

Business Society image

Business Society

C60  image


Canadian Student Law Society image

Canadian Student Law Society

Capoeira image


Caribbean Students Unite (CSU) image

Caribbean Students Unite (CSU)

Catholic Society image

Catholic Society

Central-Eastern European Society (CEES) image

Central-Eastern European Society (CEES)

Chamber Choir image

Chamber Choir

Chess Club image

Chess Club

Chinese Students and Scholars Association  image

Chinese Students and Scholars Association

Christian Union image

Christian Union

Circus image


Climate Action Movement image

Climate Action Movement

Coffee Society image

Coffee Society

Comedy Society image

Comedy Society

Commercial Awareness Society image

Commercial Awareness Society

Concert Band image

Concert Band

Conservative Society  image

Conservative Society

Corbis Society image

Corbis Society

Craft Society image

Craft Society

Creative Writing Society  image

Creative Writing Society

Cuban Salsa Society image

Cuban Salsa Society

Czech & Slovak Society  image

Czech & Slovak Society

Doctor Who Society image

Doctor Who Society

Dog Walking Society image

Dog Walking Society

Drag Society image

Drag Society

Drum and Bass image

Drum and Bass

Dutch Society image

Dutch Society

Economics Society image

Economics Society

Ecoporium Society  image

Ecoporium Society

Effective Altruism Sussex  image

Effective Altruism Sussex

ENACTUS Society image


English Society image

English Society

Equal Opportunities in Law Society  image

Equal Opportunities in Law Society

Equality in Engineering Society (UoS EinE) image

Equality in Engineering Society (UoS EinE)

Experimental Music Society image

Experimental Music Society

Extinction Rebellion  image

Extinction Rebellion

Fabrik image


Feminist Society  image

Feminist Society

Filipino Society image

Filipino Society

Film Society image

Film Society

Fintech & Banking image

Fintech & Banking

First Generation Students' Society image

First Generation Students' Society

First Love Society image

First Love Society

Folk Music Society image

Folk Music Society

Food Waste Cafe Sussex image

Food Waste Cafe Sussex

French Society image

French Society

Friends of David Nott Foundation  image

Friends of David Nott Foundation

Friends of Palestine image

Friends of Palestine

Fun-d Raising Society image

Fun-d Raising Society

Future Teachers image

Future Teachers

Game of Thrones Society image

Game of Thrones Society

Genetics Society  image

Genetics Society

Geogsoc (Geography Society) image

Geogsoc (Geography Society)

German Society image

German Society

Ghana Society image

Ghana Society

Global Justice Now Youth image

Global Justice Now Youth

Green Party Society  image

Green Party Society

Guitar Society (GS) image

Guitar Society (GS)

HackSussex image


Harry Potter Society image

Harry Potter Society

Hellenic Society  image

Hellenic Society

Help the Homeless Society  image

Help the Homeless Society

Hip Hop Culture image

Hip Hop Culture

History Society  image

History Society

Hong Kong Public Affairs and Social Services (SUHK image

Hong Kong Public Affairs and Social Services (SUHK

Hong Kong Society image

Hong Kong Society

Humans of Sussex University  image

Humans of Sussex University

Hungarian Society  image

Hungarian Society

Ice and Inline Skating  image

Ice and Inline Skating

Indonesian Society (IndoSoc) image

Indonesian Society (IndoSoc)

International Cuisine Society (ICS) image

International Cuisine Society (ICS)

International Development Society (DevSoc) image

International Development Society (DevSoc)

International Relations Society  image

International Relations Society

International Students Society  image

International Students Society

Iranian Society  image

Iranian Society

Irish Society  image

Irish Society

Islamic Society image

Islamic Society

Israel Society  image

Israel Society

Italian Society image

Italian Society

Japan Society image

Japan Society

Jewish Society  image

Jewish Society

Journalism (JournoSoc) image

Journalism (JournoSoc)

Just Love Sussex image

Just Love Sussex

K-Pop Society image

K-Pop Society

Kahoot Society image

Kahoot Society

Kharis On Campus  image

Kharis On Campus

Korean  image


Korean Drama & Show Society (KDSS) image

Korean Drama & Show Society (KDSS)

Labour Society  image

Labour Society

Latin American Society  image

Latin American Society

Law Society image

Law Society

Lawyers Without Borders Sussex image

Lawyers Without Borders Sussex

Leave No Trace Society image

Leave No Trace Society

Lebanese Society  image

Lebanese Society

LGBTQ+ Society image

LGBTQ+ Society

Liberal Democrats image

Liberal Democrats

Liberate the Debate image

Liberate the Debate

Malaysian, Bruneian & Singaporean Society  image

Malaysian, Bruneian & Singaporean Society

Marketing Society  image

Marketing Society

Media, Film & Music Society image

Media, Film & Music Society

Mexican Society  image

Mexican Society

Minesoc image


Model United Nations Society image

Model United Nations Society

Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness Society  image

Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness Society

Nepalese Society  image

Nepalese Society

Neuroscience Society image

Neuroscience Society

NHSF Sussex Hindu Society  image

NHSF Sussex Hindu Society

Nigerian Society  image

Nigerian Society

Nordic Society  image

Nordic Society

Oddsoc image


Operation Wallacea Fundraising  image

Operation Wallacea Fundraising

Oxfam Sussex Society  image

Oxfam Sussex Society

Pagan Society (PAGSOC) image

Pagan Society (PAGSOC)

Pakistan Society  image

Pakistan Society

PCMS image


Performing Arts Group image

Performing Arts Group

PharmaC Society  image

PharmaC Society

Photographic Society (PhotoSoc) image

Photographic Society (PhotoSoc)

Pirate Society  image

Pirate Society

Pluralist Economics at Sussex (PEAS) image

Pluralist Economics at Sussex (PEAS)

Poetry Society  image

Poetry Society

Pointless Information Flying Around (PIFA) image

Pointless Information Flying Around (PIFA)

Pokemon Society (PokéSoc) image

Pokemon Society (PokéSoc)

Poker Society image

Poker Society

Pole Society (PoleFitness) image

Pole Society (PoleFitness)

Polish Society  image

Polish Society

Politics Society image

Politics Society

Polymath Society image

Polymath Society

Portuguese Speaking Society (PSS) image

Portuguese Speaking Society (PSS)

Psychedelic Research Society image

Psychedelic Research Society

Psychology Society  image

Psychology Society

Q-Soc image


RAG (Raising and Giving) Society image

RAG (Raising and Giving) Society

Rewilding Sussex image

Rewilding Sussex

Robogals image


Rock and Metal Society (ROCSOC) image

Rock and Metal Society (ROCSOC)

Rollers image


Roots (Communal Gardening) Society image

Roots (Communal Gardening) Society

Running Society image

Running Society

Russian Speaking Society  image

Russian Speaking Society

SAR Electric image

SAR Electric

Sci-Fi and Horror Society image

Sci-Fi and Horror Society

Scoop image


Screenwriting Society image

Screenwriting Society

SEASALT Housing Co-operative image

SEASALT Housing Co-operative

She Can STEM society image

She Can STEM society

Skating image


Socialist Society image

Socialist Society

Sociology Society  image

Sociology Society

South Asian Student Society image

South Asian Student Society

Southern Africa Community of Students image

Southern Africa Community of Students

Spanish Society  image

Spanish Society

Speak Up Sussex (SUS) image

Speak Up Sussex (SUS)

Spill the Tea image

Spill the Tea

Sri Lankan Society image

Sri Lankan Society

Street Art Society (SAS) image

Street Art Society (SAS)

Strictly Sussex image

Strictly Sussex

Student 2 Solicitors image

Student 2 Solicitors

Student Parents Society  image

Student Parents Society

Students in Philosophy Society (SIPS) image

Students in Philosophy Society (SIPS)

Sussex Esports image

Sussex Esports

Sussex in Transition Society  image

Sussex in Transition Society

Sussex Live Music Society (SLiM) image

Sussex Live Music Society (SLiM)

Sussex Mixed Society (SMS) image

Sussex Mixed Society (SMS)

Sussex Musical Theatre Society (SMuTS) image

Sussex Musical Theatre Society (SMuTS)

Sussex Second-Hand Society image

Sussex Second-Hand Society

Sussex Sikh Society image

Sussex Sikh Society

Sussex Sounds image

Sussex Sounds

Sussex STAR (Student Action for Refugees)  image

Sussex STAR (Student Action for Refugees)

Sussex Union Admin Group image

Sussex Union Admin Group

Sussex University Drama Society (SUDS) image

Sussex University Drama Society (SUDS)

Sussex University Maths Society (SUMS) image

Sussex University Maths Society (SUMS)

Sussex University Royal Navy Unit image

Sussex University Royal Navy Unit

Swing Dance Society image

Swing Dance Society

Swiss Society image

Swiss Society

Taiwanese Society  image

Taiwanese Society

Tamil Society  image

Tamil Society

Tape Ball Cricket Society  image

Tape Ball Cricket Society

Team Kenya Society  image

Team Kenya Society

Techno & House Music Society image

Techno & House Music Society

The Bike Shack image

The Bike Shack

The Collective  image

The Collective

The Craft Beer Appreciation & Exploration Society image

The Craft Beer Appreciation & Exploration Society

The North Society image

The North Society

The Satanic Society  image

The Satanic Society

The Thai Society image

The Thai Society

The Zerose Engineering Society (ZES) image

The Zerose Engineering Society (ZES)

TikTok Society  image

TikTok Society

Trading Society  image

Trading Society

Turning Point UK (TPUK) Sussex Chapter image

Turning Point UK (TPUK) Sussex Chapter

Ukulele Society image

Ukulele Society

United States of America Society image

United States of America Society

Urban Gaming Society  image

Urban Gaming Society

USSO (University of Sussex Symphony Orchestra) image

USSO (University of Sussex Symphony Orchestra)

Vegetarian & Vegan Soceity (VegSoc) image

Vegetarian & Vegan Soceity (VegSoc)

Video Gaming Society image

Video Gaming Society

Vietnamese image


Walking and Hiking Society image

Walking and Hiking Society

Wargames, Anime, Role Play & Magic Society (SWARM) image

Wargames, Anime, Role Play & Magic Society (SWARM)

Welsh Society / Y Gymdeithas Gymraeg image

Welsh Society / Y Gymdeithas Gymraeg

Wildlife and Conservation Society image

Wildlife and Conservation Society

Wine and Cheese Society  image

Wine and Cheese Society

Women in Finance image

Women in Finance