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Update about Covid-19 tests on campus

Published on 13th October 2020 at 16:09.

An update following today's Health & Safety Committee with the University:

Currently, if you need to get a coronavirus test, you have to be symptomatic (that's the only kind of testing PHE will permit and also the University, in line with PHE guidance). If you have symptoms, you need to fill in the Sussex University Covid reporting tool, and you will get support and contact from the University. However, even through this, you cannot currently get a test on campus unless the mobile testing unit is on site, which it isn't at the moment, or you are able to order a home test yourself from the website

If you're off campus, it's still the case that you should fill in the University's Covid reporting tool, as this is now linked to financial support for students and the University will help you access deliveries of food and essentials and provide a contribution towards the cost of these.

The mobile testing unit comes ‘on an ad hoc basis’. It will be here this weekend (of the 19th-20th), as it was last weekend. And there will also soon be permanent testing sites across the city: three Brighton walk-ins and a drive-in at Plumpton. These are not convenient for students on campus, as the University also understands, because they would involve travelling to receive a test when students should be isolating. Also, the update we received from the University at Health & Safety Committee suggested that, once these testing sites are established, we are less likely to get a mobile unit on campus and will need to rely on home testing kits. 

However, from next week, the University should have up to 50 home test kits a day available via Deloitte, for the next month. They will be able to provide these to students who can’t order their own home tests. The procedure for getting these will be by first reporting your symptoms via the University’s reporting tool. At the last Health & Safety Committee meeting, we were told that, if we get an explosion of cases, the University will go back for more tests.

On the whole, students have been very good about isolating and reporting symptoms - the University acknowledge this and were grateful to you all for it.

Officers attending this meeting: Nehaal and Roseanne

For more information, visit our Covid page.