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University Committee Update: Exam and Regulations (EAR)

Published on 19th February 2021 at 09:49.

There are a range of University committees that the Union's officers are part of. We use those spaces to feed in and bring information back to our student members where possible.

You can read more about our work with the University committees on our web page. And we’re updating our news with any relevant updates from the individual Committees as they happen.

The Exam and Regulations (EAR) Committee oversees university rules for taught awards and ensures academic standards across these courses.

At the meeting on 2 February, there was a long discussion about problems with the electronic submissions for assessments (e-Submission), the error process, the late period (when you can submit later than the deadline and receive a penalty on your mark), plus issues with 'Turnitin' (the plagiarism checking software).

There will be a steering group set up to try to resolve these issues and it was agreed that the Students' Union would have representation on this working group, along with someone from the Technology Enhanced Learning team.

For more updates from the Committees, check out all our individual news posts or our web page.