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University Committee Update: Doctoral Studies

Published on 22nd February 2021 at 15:17.

There are a range of University committees that the Union's officers are part of. We use those spaces to feed in and bring information back to our student members where possible.

You can read more about our work with the University committees on our web page. And we’re updating our news with any relevant updates from the individual Committees as they happen.

The Doctoral Studies Committee deals with facilities for postgraduate research students (PGR) and considers a range of issues relating to the research student experience including the University's procedures governing research students, policies and procedures relating to supervision and assessment, student retention and award outcomes and training and development needs of both supervisors and research students.

At our PGR Forum on the 3rd February, research students expressed many concerns about the effect of COVID-19 on PGR students, including:

  • Lack of access to necessary additional funding
  • How unnecessarily cruel the procedure is for accessing the hardship fund
  • Suggestions for how the university can support PGR students much better
  • For more details, see the minutes to the forum

Representatives of the SU took these findings and recommendations from the forum forward to the University at the Doctoral School Board on 10th Feb. The committee broadly supported the points that were made and agreed that the support for PGR students needs to be improved. It was agreed that the paper would be taken forward to the Research, Knowledge and Exchange committee. This report includes direct testimony from the forum, so thank you to everyone who came and shared their views and experiences with us!

The SU will continue to push for improvements for PGR students. If you have any questions or concerns, please get in contact with us. You can speak to our Education officer at [email protected] or our PGR officer at [email protected].

For more updates from the Committees, check out all our individual news posts or our web page.