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To our Chinese student community - Beware of scams and fraud

Published on 3rd December 2020 at 16:21.

From the International Student Support Team at the University:

Dear students,

We hope that you are well and safe at this time.

Sadly, we have been made aware of a phone scam targeting Chinese students. The caller claims to be from the Chinese Embassy and will tell you that you have been involved in a money laundering case and that you will need to be forcibly repatriated for investigation, or similar. They then claim that you need to pay a large sum of money (up to 400,000 Yuan) as a deposit in order to stop this repatriation.
我们听闻最近有针对中国同学的电信诈骗活动。来电者通常谎称自己 “使馆工作人员”,恐吓同学“涉嫌洗钱”即将被“遣送回国”(或其他类似手段)。他们会要求留学生“上交”大笔资金(高达40万元)作为“保证金”,以此避免“被遣返”。

If you receive such a call requesting personal information or bank account details you should end the call immediately, do not return it using redial and never transfer money by any method even if requested to do so.

Here is some further advice regarding the common features of fraudulent calls and what you should do if you receive one:

  • The caller may appear to be genuine and convincing, because they have some limited information about you (for example, your passport number, as well as your telephone number and name)

  • The caller may give you their name and telephone number, to try to convince you they are genuine. The number may even appear on your phone as coming from a genuine source, such as a government department like the Home Office or the Chinese Embassy

  • They may advise you not to tell anyone about the call as it would be a security breach.

If you receive such a call (or similar contact by other means, such as email or text):

  • Do not give the caller/sender any personal information, and do not confirm that any information they have is correct

  • You may wish to tell the caller/sender that you know about the fraudulent contact they are making, and that you will be reporting it to the police and the government. Or you may simply wish to hang up

  • Report the incident to Sussex Police
    Sussex Police Sussex警察局报案。

  • Report the incident to the Student Life Centre. They can report the fraud to the authorities if you wish, and warn other students through our communications
    通知学校的Student Life Centre. 如果你愿意,他们会向相关部门举报这个诈骗活动。他们还可以提醒其他同学们注意这个问题。

  • You can choose to report the matter to Action Fraud
    你可以选择向Action Fraud举报(有中文服务)。

  • You can also help other potential fraud victims by adding details of your experience to a discussion on the Who Calls Me website.
    你可以通过在Who Calls Me website阐述你的经历,以此帮助其他的潜在诈骗受害者。

Very best wishes,

International Student Support

If you have any questions, please get in touch with [email protected]