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The results are in: Your Representatives and Part Time Officers

Published on 30th October 2020 at 14:28.

The results are in: Your Representatives and Part Time Officers

The Union elects students to represent certain groups of students to ensure that their voices are heard and their specific needs are met when decisions are being made that affect them. You have been voting for three representative roles and two Postgraduate Part Time Officer positions.

The two Postgraduate Part Time Officers are new positions this year and seek to better represent Postgraduate views. They will make up the Executive Team alongside the Full Time Officers and have an influence on decision making at a higher level.

All of these positions have a seat on Union Council which is the highest decision making body at the Union and made up of over 50 elected student representatives.  

Around 500 votes were cast by Sussex students to decide who their representatives are. 

The results are as follows:

  • First Generation Scholar’s Representative: Adele Clayden
  • Student Parent Representative: no nominations
  • Mature Students’ Representative: Akintunde Olorunwa Babatunde
  • Student Representative for those studying part time: Paul Dipaola
  • PGT Part Time Officer: Matthew Moors
  • PGR Part Time Officer: William Strawson

Congratulations to our newly elected students!

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