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Officer update | Tuesday briefing with University management

Published on 16th June 2020 at 17:47.

Tuesday, 16 June

Today the Officers met with University management and discussed the following:

  • The University's decision not to offer an ex-gratia payment scheme for the most recent industrial action

Officers clarified with managers that students will have until 17 July to submit a formal complaint if they are unhappy regarding this decision.
You can find some useful information regarding writing and submitting an ex-gratia complaint here put together for you by our Student Advice team.

  • Graduation for postgraduates

Managers advised that the University intends PG graduation to go ahead in January as planned.

  • University accommodation room-swapping

Officers sought clarification regarding this. Managers confirmed that it should be possible in principle for students who are housed by the University to request to transfer rooms. Students should email the Housing Office at [email protected] for more information about this.

  • Assessment periods student consultation

Managers mentioned that the University plans to seek students' views regarding the timing of assessment periods. More information should be available about this shortly.