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Officer update | Tuesday briefing with University management

Published on 10th June 2020 at 17:59.

Wednesday, 10 June

In their meeting with University management yesterday, the Officers raised the following:

  • Waiving of the £275 'continuation' fee normally paid by students extending their course:

The Coronavirus disruption has meant that some courses involving work placements which would normally finish this summer (for example some psychology and social work courses) have been extended into next academic year. Officers lobbied managers to consider waiving continuation fees given that these course extensions have occurred through no fault of the students concerned, many of whom will already be struggling with virus-related loss of income. Managers agreed to look into this issue.

  • Exceptional Circumstances claims following the recent Black Lives Matter protests:

Officers queried whether the University would consider Exceptional Circumstances claims from students who feel that recent BLM issues and events have impacted them emotionally and psychologically, to the extent that their studies have suffered. Managers indicated that such claims could be considered on a case-by-case basis if students could show a direct, individual impact of some kind.

  • Hardship Fund money for Postgraduate Research students:

Officers were informed that the University is likely to have additional money available for the Hardship Fund, specifically for applications from PGR students. The University is expected to release further information on this within the next few days.

  • Distance Learning and the No Detriment policy:

Officers queried whether this policy would apply to students undertaking online & distance learning courses. Managers commented that this was being looked into, but that the University needed to consider any implications which this may have in terms of the maintenance of academic standards.