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NUS Conference Delegate election results

Published on 4th December 2020 at 13:38.

Over 500 votes were cast in the NUS Conference Delegate election.

Sussex students are elected every year to represent Sussex at a National Level. There are 2 NUS conferences taking place:

  • The National Conference is the sovereign body of the NUS - it sets policy for the year ahead and elects the NUS President, Vice Presidents and the NUS National Executive Council.
  • The Liberation Conference is an opportunity for student activists from across the UK to come together to set the direction for the liberation campaigns for the year ahead and elect their Officers and Committee. There are 5 NUS Liberation campaigns, who represent: LGBT+ students, Trans students, Women students, Disabled students and Black students.

The results:

National Conference:

National Conference - Women's Place Nehaal Bajwa
National Conference - Women's Place Annie O'Connor
National Conference - Women's Place Sarah Osborn
National Conference - Open Place Connor Moylett
National Conference - Open Place Ijlal Khalid
National Conference - Open Place Matthew Moors

Liberation Conference:

Liberation Conference - Black place Ijlal Khalid
Liberation Conference - Black Women's place Lilian Mitchell
Liberation Conference - Trans place unfilled
Liberation Conference - LGBT+ place unfilled
Liberation Conference - Disabled place Georgia Shakeshift
Liberation Conference - Women's place Riziki Millanzi

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