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Autumn Referenda announcement!

Published on 18th November 2020 at 11:38.

Each year in the Autumn term, the Students' Union runs a democratic process called Referenda. We would love all our members to get involved in this year's referenda (which are proposals made by students, that all our student members vote 'Yes' or 'No' on).

From 2 - 7 December, you have the chance to vote to change things at the Students' Union in the following three referenda:

  1. Should the Students’ Union lobby the University to reinstate and expand the First Generation Scholar scholarships/bursaries to all students including Masters students?
  2. Should the Students’ Union initiate a no beef or lamb on campus initiative and lobby the University to do so as well, to fight against the climate crisis?
  3. Should the Students’ Union always publicly support rent strikes by students in university accommodation, about experiences the university has control over? 

Want to campaign 'for' or 'against' any of these three referenda?

If you wish to campaign for or against any of these proposals, please email [email protected] before Monday 23 November.

This allows you to write an argument supporting your view, which will be published as part of the referenda process, to persuade students to vote in support of your viewpoint.

The deadline for written arguments is Wednesday 25 November. 

Find out more about the Referenda process here.

Voting will take place from 2 - 7 December, here on the Students’ Union’s website.