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Pronouns: 5 Top Tips - LGBTQ+ History month

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This event is hosted by The University of Wolverhampton

The University of Wolverhampton presents a talk with Chloe Foster: come and learn about why pronouns are important, particularly to most trans and non-binary people.

In this talk Chloe will share with you her 5 top tips to help you feel more comfortable with how/when/whether to ask people their pronouns, and what to do if you make a mistake. You’ll also learn about the gender-neutral pronoun ‘they’ and why it’s important to increasing numbers of people.

We use pronouns all the time when we refer to other people in our lives (perhaps without even thinking about it) but how many of us have asked our friends what their pronouns are?

' I would love to see a future where asking for pronouns is much more commonplace in life. Join us, to help play your part in reaching this goal'.

The event will last 1 hour with around 15 mins at the end for Q&A.

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Chloe Foster (she/her)

Chloe is a qualified counsellor who specialises primarily in gender and sexual diversity within the LGBTQ communities.

She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience to help make our world safer and more inclusive for LGBTQ people.

Having worked for several LGBTQ organisations, she now runs training workshops and events for counsellors to increase their confidence and knowledge while working with LGBTQ clients.

Keep learning by checking out her free LGBTQ resources hub on her website here:

Sussex Rainbow Counselling Resources

Sussex Rainbow Counselling


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