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Queer House Party: This is Hallokween


Saturday 31st October 2020 22:00 (GMT) - see all dates

Join Queer House Party for one of their legendary events, this time including everything camp, (qu)eerie and spooktacular for Halloween!

Queer House Party is the award-winning virtual LGBTIQ+ party that brings you the best drag, performers, and DJs from London and beyond all in an accessible online community space, broadcasted live to wherever you are. After DJiing and throwing parties across the county for years now, housemates, activists, and community organisers Harry Gay, Wacha and Passer came together on the first Friday of lockdown to throw an online party to give queers across the globe a sense of release and community whilst in isolation. Months later they've built an online following and are continuing to throw events for the virtual masses. Innit camp?!

How it works is that you’ll register for your ticket via native.fm, this will then give you access to the zoom house party on the night. You’re more than welcome to leave your camera off, however all attendees will have the option to join the party with their video on, and dance and show off their costumes alongside students from across the country. As well as providing legendary DJ sets, Queer House Party will host the event, interacting with students on screen and in the live chat room, while their tech team moderates activity to ensure everyone is safe and respectful. The cherry on the cake is a secret line-up of some of the UK’s best drag artists who will be performing live sets, giving student drag performers a chance to perform alongside some of the greats, and putting the qween into Halloween.

Virtual events are a vital source of community, release and connection during a difficult and isolating time which has been particularly impacting for students. As the nights grow longer, we want to take the opportunity to celebrate what is traditionally an important social event for students, Halloween, with a raucous but safe party that is accessible and engaging. If you have any questions about the event in advance, including accessibility questions then please email [email protected]

Tickets cost £5 for students and £7 for non students. All proceeds go towards the show and your Students’ Union- ensuring all performers are paid fairly and the Students’ Union can keep running services that support you. For more information about the SU head to www.sussexstudent.com

Accessibility information

For any access questions, information or suggestions please email [email protected].

  • This Event is Entirely Online