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Reclaiming Black History - Should we cancel BHM?

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A panel discussion questioning the necessity of BHM, the underrepresentation of Black History in London and where we go from here.

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Reclaiming Black History - Should we cancel Black History Month?

In recent years, October has been the only time of year that the UK reflects on Black History. If we are to build a wider dialogue about our past, we will have to begin by admitting that society has not adequately represented the richness of our audiences.

We are at a critical point in society, and this year alone has provided us with a huge opportunity to re-examine the past and ensure we are providing greater representation of London’s history. How do we tell the forgotten stories of history’s hidden figures? How do we encourage a broader variety of perspectives from our curators, researchers, scholars and educators?

How do we reclaim spaces and ensure that they are open for all Londoners? Has diversity devolved into a business? And what does diversity really mean? What are we being diverse from?

This event will explore these questions and more, to consider what needs to come next. How do we get to a point where we are representing a culture that is reflective of London, and how do we ensure that Black History is celebrated 365 days of the year?

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