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Black History Month Art Contest

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International Development Society are hosting a Black History Month art project!

Our project aims to celebrate Black History through art, and it takes the form of an art contest commencing on the 1st of October.

Two categories are available to contestants: Visual Arts (photography, film, sculpture, painting…) and Literature (short essays, poems...). The artworks should commemorate Black History and the outstanding contributions people of African and Caribbean descent have made to the United Kingdom over many generations. Your artworks can be submitted to [email protected] and will then be published in digital format on our Instagram and Facebook platforms.

The artworks with the most likes will recieve a £25 voucher to be spent at a Brighton-based Black-owned business!

The deadline for submission is 25th October.

Contact [email protected] for any questions.

Accessibility information

For any access questions, information or suggestions please email [email protected].

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