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The Black Feminine - from Antiquity to Hip Hop

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African History Project is hosting a series of Black History Month Special Lectures.

The first one is centred around The Black Feminine.

In this lecture and conversation, we explore the concept of the Black Feminine from antiquity to the present day. Considering depictions of the Black woman in art, literature and political discourse both within and outside her community, we will explore notions of power, beauty, sexuality, motherhood, sisterhood and the married state. Join us on a journey in Black female magic as we track the development of a culture lauded for its strength.

This is an opportunity to gain an understanding of the ever-evolving position of Black women in African and diasporic societies, understanding how through trials, tribulations and triumphs she continues to make immeasurable contributions to the development of world history.


Apeike Umolu is the founder of the African History Project. She is a passionate historian taking a keen interest in all aspects of Black political history. She specialises in African history of the 19th and 20th centuries and has undertaken historical studies at the University of Oxford. She researches extensively on Black political history and is working on her first book Birth of Nations: West Africa 1945-1960.

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