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SARA: Pay and Awarding Gaps

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SARA is the Sussex Anti-Racist Action Group

For staff and students at the University of Sussex, race is a huge determining factor in degree awarding, progression and pay.  The degree awarding gap at Sussex is above the sector average and stands at almost 30% for Black students. There are no BAME members of the University Executive Group and no Black members  of the University Leadership Team. 

We intend on pushing the university not only toward a more representative leadership structure but one that prioritises anti-racism and ensures that BAME students and staff are not further marginalised. The injustice of Sussex’s pay and awarding gaps will never go unchallenged.

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We are SARA, the Sussex Anti-Racist Action Group. We are a group of community leaders including your sabbatical officers, trade unions, campaign groups and societies who are working together to tackle issues of institutional racism here at Sussex. We want to build a manifesto for anti-racist action at Sussex and need your input to create a student and staff coalition as well as a strategy that meets the needs of those in the  Sussex community who are marginalised on the basis of their race or cultural identity.  Through a series of participatory workshops during the next two weeks beginning Monday 5 October, we want to hear your ideas for building an Anti-Racist Sussex. We will be holding sessions on Pay and Awarding Gaps, Decolonise the curriculum, Eliminate Prevent, Resisting the hostile environment & Community and Radical care. Please come along and give us your thoughts and ideas, you can participate by connecting your microphone during the call or giving your feedback using the chat function. 

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