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Period. End of sentence.

In Sussex Fem Soc’s first film screening of the Autumn 2020 semester, we will be using Netflix Party as a virtual way of carrying on this popular activity in our society. We will be watching ‘Period. End Of Sentence.’, a 2018 documentary following a group of Indian women living in a rural village outside Delhi, who fight the stigma against menstruation by manufacturing sanitary pads, creating a sexual revolution.

The screening will be followed by a discussion using Microsoft Teams, where we will share our views and ideas surrounding the topics covered in the film, such as the importance of access to menstrual health education and care across the globe, and female empowerment on a worldwide scale.

The event is FREE and a perfect opportunity to engage in discussion with other Femsoc members, and get to know the society!

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After registering, we will be in touch a couple of days before the event with more details.

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