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What's So Radical About Sussex?

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Update - Here's the link you'll need to attend: https://universityofsussex.zoom.us/j/99134754454

One of today's intro to the SU sessions will be taken by our newly elected Full-Time Officer team! They will be discussing student power and democracy at the Union - covering topics of Sussex’s radical history; Campaigning for change at the SU; direct action and Sussex; democracy and how to change the union. 

This event is also happening at 12:00 BST

This event will be on Zoom - register for your free place today and we'll send out a link on the day!

You will not need your microphone or camera on to take part.

This event will not be captioned.

All times shown are BST

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For any access questions, information or suggestions please email [email protected].

  • This Event is Entirely Online