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Everything to know about your Students' Union


Friday 25th September 2020 10:00 (BST) - see all dates

Attend this session to learn more about the Students' Union and have questions answered such as; What is a Students' Union? How does it support me? How can I get involved with clubs, societies, campaigns, volunteering and more? Why is it different to the University and how is it democratically run? Why is having a Students' Union important? The Students' Union exists to make student life better - we can't wait to meet you!

This event will be on Zoom - register for your free place today and we'll send out a link on the day!

You will not need your microphone or camera on to take part.

This event will not be captioned.

This event is repeated again at 18:00 BST to cater for different time-zones!

Accessibility information

For any access questions, information or suggestions please email [email protected].

  • This Event is Entirely Online