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Non-binary Meetup


Saturday 26th September 2020 20:00 (BST) - see all dates

Chilled out zoom call for Non Binary people!

Come along to meet and chat with other Non Binary people in a fun environment facilitated by LGBTQ+ Soc

You will need to have access to a Zoom account to access the event

When you join, you will have the option of having your camera and microphone on, but don’t have to if you don’t want to

You can drop into this event at any time to take part

If you’re not able to make this event or miss out on a ticket, you can connect with the hosts and find more information on [email protected] or come to a future event found on:

This event won’t be captioned. 

All event times shown are UK times

For any questions about accessibility or to ask a general question about Freshers’, e-mail [email protected]

Accessibility information

For any access questions, information or suggestions please email [email protected].

  • This Event is Entirely Online