Elections Terminology

No Further Preferences

No Further Preferences (NFP) is used to indicate that you don't want to vote for any more candidates.

You don't have to include it as one of your preferences though, you can just stop ranking candidates.

If you put NFP as your first preference vote it is counted as an abstention or spoilt vote.

Re-Open Nominations

You can vote to Re-Open Nominations if you would like us to start again by allowing other potential candidates to nominate themselves.

You would normally vote to Re-Open Nominations if you think that none of the remaining candidates are suitable for the position.

Voting to Re-Open Nominations is an active vote AGAINST any candidates you have not yet ranked.


You can choose to be part of a group (known as a ‘slate) who campaign together and feature candidates for multiple positions on their publicity. Members of a slate can produce fewer campaign materials each but can feature on each other’s campaign materials.

If you would like to be part of a slate you must submit a written request to the Returning Officer by the close of nominations.

The letter must be signed by all of the members of the slate.