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The Societies Committee meets regularly during term time. The location can change so check the agenda to find out where the meeting will be that week. Society Reps support and represent societies at Sussex, using a seat on the committee to make democratic decisions on matters affecting societies, including new society applications and funding applications, shortlisting for Student Awards and society development at the Students’ Union. Reps also gather feedback from other societies about their experiences with the intention of facilitating positive change.

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The committee review applications to start new societies.

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The committee grants funding from the Societies Fund.

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If your group has received funding, let us know how it was spent and what impact it had on your society using this form. We'll use the information to demonstrate the impact the funding has on societies and help secure funding in the future!

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Societies Committee Reps Elections 2019/20

Society Reps

Elections are held at the end of Spring Term for new Society Reps to take up their positions in the following Autumn Term. The Societies Committee is chaired by the Activities Officer of the Students' Union and one Part-Time Elected Officer.

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Peter Gallizzi, President of Politics Society

I ran with the aims of freedom, fairness, and transparency. I will represent societies at Sussex fairly and honestly, drawing on my experience in Politics Society. Freedom of speech and assembly are key to a healthy discourse and a vibrant campus culture. However, these essential rights must not come at the expense of civility and mutual respect. As a Society Rep, I will fight for the rights of students and societies, while working to ensure that Sussex remains a safe and welcoming place for all.

[email protected]

Jonathan Busby, President of Maths Society (SUMS)

I applied again this year to be a Society Rep in order to help societies to continue put on some great events and see what other societies do. My goal as a rep this year is to help fund and support new societies, and to help societies to collaborate and work with each other.

[email protected]

Matthew McGregor-Morales, Head of Production at URF

Hi! I’m Matt and I wanted to be a Society Rep to help societies of all kinds grow and improve, and feel enabled to do so. I want to make funding feel accessible, through workshops, online resources, and open conversation about what the committee might say yes and no to- and why. Feel free to get in touch with any questions, and see you around.

[email protected]

Heulwen Jenkins, President of Sussex Dog Walking Society

[email protected]

Terry Prince-Iles, Board Games Society

[email protected]

Hey everyone. I'm a current MSc Cancer Cell Biology student and also vice president/social secretary for the board games society. I’m applying for the role of society rep as I’ve enjoyed many aspects of helping to run board games society, and I would like to help other societies with the experiences I’ve gained to allow them to become as enjoyable as possible. My goals are to increase awareness of the societies committee and to interact with societies more to gather feedback on issues. This would help in being able to make decisions which further benefit our societies at Sussex.

Rhys Allum, Sussex Dog Walking Society

[email protected]

Mahdi Murtaza, Politics Society

[email protected]

Nominations: Open 25/10/2019 12:00, Close 01/11/2019 12:00

Voting: Open 01/11/2019 15:00, Close 08/11/2019 15:00

Posts open for election:

  • Academic Societies Rep
  • Charity & Fundraising Societies Rep
  • Community & Sustainability Societies Rep
  • Culture & Language Societies Rep
  • Interests & Skills Societies Rep
  • Music, Theatre & Dance Societies Rep
  • Politics, Liberation & Representation Societies Rep
  • Spiritual & Religious Societies Rep