Covid safe activities

Have a look at different ways you can engage with our activities, grouped by how comfortable you feel with being social in times of Covid-19.

Group 1

If you’re not really interested in engaging with other students or are just settling in and the prospect of meeting people or joining our virtual events makes you uncomfortable, you’re not alone.

What the current rules and regulations say: While you are allowed to join our virtual events and activities, there is no pressure to do so. When you’re ready to join us, we’re here and waiting for you.

Group 2

So you’re keen to get involved but you’d rather stick to virtual events and activities only? Perfect! We’ve got plenty of amazing stuff lined up for you. Check out our website for all the latest activities. Here are some ideas to get you started.

What the current rules and regulations say: Engaging with your Students’ Union and other students virtually is definitely in line with current rules and regulations around Covid-19. We can’t wait to welcome you to all our Union events and activities.

Group 3

While virtual events and activities are good fun, you’d like to meet people face to face. You’re aware of the rules so you know that groups of up to six are okay so here are some things you can do while being safe.

What the current rules and regulations say: At the moment, there are no restrictions for virtual meetings but the government states that you need to obey the rule of six when meeting in person. Have a look at our guidance on joining and hosting activities in the current situation.

Group 4

You’ve come to University to live the full student experience but thanks to Covid things are looking a lot different now. That sucks and we really know it does.

What the current rules and regulations say: We know that it is incredibly important for you to be social, be around friends and meet new people. Covid-19 has changed student life as we know it. But we have to stick to the rule of six for now, especially since the consequences for breaking the new rules are severe, especially if you live on campus. We've put together a statement clarifying the new rules and the range of consequences students now face.

All this doesn't stop you from meeting people and enjoying your student life in a Covid safe way. Have a look at all our activities and get involved with your Union now.

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