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Change Things

Any student can get involved in changing things at the Students' Union. Find out more about our democratic processes, how to get involved in our elections and what other positions and processes are in place for you to make a change at your Students' Union!

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Read more about the ways you can get involved in Students' Union decision-making.

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Find out more about our annual elections and vote for your student representatives.

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Student Reps

Student Reps are one of the ways that your Students' Union represents your academic interests.

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Each year, Sussex students vote for new Officers to lead the Students' Union. Find out who your current Officers are.

Speaker in Falmer House


Cast your vote to either accept or reject a particular proposal on a range of questions put forward by students at Sussex.

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We're here to listen to you and change things for you. Submit a suggestion so we can make a difference for you.

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Ethics & environment

We're committed to being environmentally ethical and to constantly improve our impact on the environment.

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Student Campaigns

We support students to make change through community organising and autonomous student-led campaigning.

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Complaints about the Students' Union

Get help about complaining to the Students’ Union about SU services, events or other SU-related issues

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Complaints about the University

Get help and tips about how to complain to the University about academic issues or services provided

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Students' Union policies

Our policies inform how we are run and ensure that everything we do is democratic, fair, and in your best interests.