Under the Sheets

Under the Sheets is a student-led campaign promoting education to students on sexual and emotional well-being at Sussex.

Our aim and objectives

Under the Sheets has three key focuses:

  • Promoting sex positivity on campus
  • Education and promotion of safe sexual relations.
  • Education surrounding emotionally healthy relationships.

Under the Sheets aims to focus on the subsections of health and safety in regard to sexual health and emotionally healthy relationships. This will include conversations surrounding sex work, safe sex and how to spot red flags in relationships.

Sex Positivity is also a key aspect of this campaign. Although this topic means different things to different people the definition we will be adopting is that ‘all sex, as long as it is healthy and explicitly consensual, is a positive thing’.

Although a large portion of this campaign is focused on sex there is still a huge need to support those students who chose to remain abstinent from sexual relations. This can be due to sexuality, faith or health needs. Under the Sheets is an inclusive place where all those would be like to be involved are welcome.

Campaign background

Safe sex and emotionally healthy relationship aren’t a universally taught and understood thing. As the world of sex and dating is evolving the support and education provided to students needs to be updated too. In March 2019 the idea for some of sort of sex education surrounding online dating was bought up. The idea of a top ten tips on online dating info sheet was thrown around, and from the conversation progressed. We are changing into a more open, sex positive society and Sussex should be at the forefront of this. The campaign is an inclusive space to promote sex positivity , sexual health and safety and emotionally healthy relationships.

Get involved

Facebook: Sussex Under the Sheets

Instagram: @sussexunderthesheets

Email: [email protected]