Sweatshop-Free Sussex

The issue

Electronics are made in sweatshops and used in our University. The electronics industry is known for low pay, excessive hours, unsafe conditions, violence, and a high risk of modern slavery. Many workers have organised for better conditions, despite restrictions on organising. The Sweatshop Free Campaign stands with these workers in solidarity and support for their demands.

The Sweatshop Free Campaign has several aims. Firstly to persuade the University of Sussex to join Electronics Watch. This is a worker led monitoring organisation that would allow the University to see where our electronics are sourced and the conditions in which they are made. As a large institution, the university holds power. They can utilise this to influence change in the industry.

The campaign also aims to raise awareness and stand in solidarity with workers in the factories and mines that our electronics originate from.

Aims and objectives

Sweatshop Free Sussex aims to persuade the university to join Electronics Watch and to raise awareness of workers' rights abuses in the electronics industry. The campaign's ojectives are to:

  • Gain signature on our petition
  • Have a conversation with the Vice-Chancellor and Procurement to persuade them to join.
  • Get the university to join Electronics Watch and to follow up on the information they receive.>

Get involved


Sweatshop Free Sussex




You can sign the petition demanding the University to sweatshop free by joining Electronics Watch