Sussex on Ecosia

Bringing Ecosia to Universities Nationwide!

Sussex On Ecosia initially set out to make Ecosia the default search engine at Sussex University. After achieving this success, we are now working with students nationwide to help them to persuade their universities to make the switch as well!

Hence the new name Ecosia On Campus!

Since the campaign started in January 2018, Sussex University has funded the planting of over 350 trees. However, this number will now grow exponentially once more students start using Ecosia by default.

Roughly every 45 searches done through Ecosia will fund the planting of a tree in parts of the world that really benefit from them. If all university students in the UK used Ecosia to do just 3 searches per day, this would fund the planting of nearing 6 billion trees over the course of one year!

The new aims for the campaign

  • To make Ecosia the default search engine across all platforms at Sussex, not just Microsoft Edge.
  • Build on our community base of users at Sussex and reach students around the UK.
  • Continue to work with ITS with the promotion of Ecosia around Sussex campus.
  • Work with students at other universities to make Ecosia the default nationwide.

We encourage you to download Ecosia through this link so that your tree counters add to the university's total:

Please give us a follow on Facebook and get in touch if you would like to be involved!



Need more information? Watch our promo video here: