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We are campaigning to get Sussex University to provide free buses to and from campus for Sussex students.


The Students' Union should work closely with the University to provide new clean, efficient and most importantly a FREE bus to and from campus starting this September (relying on the experience of Brighton University). We do believe that all of us are already paying too much for an education and we should have basic rights of physically accessing the university for the purposes of studying. Even though, Late Again B&H campaign proved to be very successful and the Brighton&Hove buses improved significantly, this does not mean that we do not deserve better and free transport to the campus. A weekly ticket is £14-15 pounds and for some of us this is too much. Additionally, we cannot be confident that the bus fees will not increase for next academic year… Brighton University has introduced free buses to their campuses and the scheme is indeed very helpful for many of their students. Despite the fact that Sussex loves to think that we are a ‘better uni , we still shamefully lack free transport to our campus (and we only have one as opposed to three of Brighton uni). The University should introduce free buses and make our university experience much more desirable.


  • - Start a petition to lobby the university to provide a free bus service to and from campus for Sussex students.
  • - Work with other student campaigns such as Late Again B&H to spread the petition and make sure as many students as possible sign it. This will show the University that many students both want and need a free bus service to campus.
  • - Find out how Brighton University provide their free shuttle bus for Brighton students.
  • - Get Full Time Officers from the Students’ Union to present this at their next meeting with University management.

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