Decolonize Sussex


Decolonise Sussex is a student-led campaign that aims to raise awareness of and challenge the complex and varied legacies of racism, imperialism and colonialism within all spheres of our university. We aim to ensure and lobby that the university of Sussex is aware of and actively dismantling structural inequalities rather than perpetuating them.



  • To raise awareness and encourage dialogue about structural inequalities within the University
  • We want the university to be concerned with questions around knowledge production such as: where “universal knowledge” comes from, what is being excluded from our curriculum, what power structures are shaping our university?

Academic change

  • To challenge existing power structures within curriculum and teaching methods.
  • To support curriculum reviews that challenge Eurocentrism and encourage critical and nuanced teaching across all the university.
  • To support students in being active participants in their education and lobby the university to actively address the access, engagement and attainment gaps caused by structural inequalities at all levels of study.


  • To gather existing research and undertake new research that can be employed to raise awareness of the structural inequalities that continue to shape our institution and to lobby the university and inform future policy.

Events and Creative outlets

  • to gather, create and distribute informative and creative content that raises awareness of the legacies of colonialism within the university and amplify marginalised voices, i.e. blogs, podcasts.
  • To organise events and actions that encourage dialogue and critical reflection about the impact of racism, colonialism and imperialism in shaping between all members of the university, i.e workshops, poetry nights

Get involved

Weekly meetings: Mondays, 6-8pm (during term time)

We usually meet weekly to plan for year and discuss our ideas. To stay updated on meetings times and location, follow our Facebook page or email [email protected] so you can be added to our mailing list


Email: [email protected]

Facebook: Decolonise Sussex

Instagram: @decolonisesussex

Join a working group:

We have formed different working groups focusing on different aspects of the campaign and its organisation. You can get in touch with and join the working group(s) you'd like by clicking on the links below.

  • Organising Team: This group is for anyone who would like to be involved in the core leadership and organisation of the campaign and its administrative side.
  • Academic Change Team: This group specifically focuses on tackling strucutural inequalities inside the classroom and challenging existing power structures within curricula and pedagogy. It will notably focus on running 'decolonising forums' in order to facilitate discussions with staff and students around decolonising the curriculum. This has already proved successful in departments such as Philosophy which implemented curriculum changes following its forum.
  • Events Team: The events team is charge of organising and running events throughtout the year including film screenings as well as poetry and slam events. Decolonise Sussex has already hosted a number of events this year as part of Black History Month including an Introduction to the First Black Studies Degree in the UK, poetry worshops and performance evenings, and a panel discussion on women of colour in publishing.
  • Creative Team: Our creative team focuses on gathering, creating and distributing informative and creative content and resources that raise awareness for the campaign and its goals. We are currently developing a blog and podcast and are a planning on publishing a zine.
  • Research Team: The research team aims to collect existing research and undertake and formulate research that can be employed to raise awareness of the structural inequalities that shape our institution and to lobby the university to tackle them.
  • Collaboration and Networking Team: This group focues on building links relationships with other groups and campaigns both within and outside Sussex.