Community Organisers

Here at the Students’ Union we support students to make change through community organising and autonomous student-led campaigning. We work with a team of student community organisers to make sure we listen and engage with a broader range of students, work with them to build their collective and individual power and hold decision-makers in the Union and University to account. 

What is community organising?

'Community organising is the work of bringing people together to take action around their common concerns and overcome social injustice' (Community Organisers). Community organisers reach out and listen to members of the community, identify leaders and connect and motivate people to build their collective power, tackle issues and make positive change happen.

Community organising at Sussex?

At Sussex SU, we are a diverse team of community organisers who are part of student communities whose voices are often not heard within the Union and the University. We are not counsellors, not officers or advisors, we are simply students who are here to listen to other students and create change together. We are the “glue” connecting student communities with the Union and the University. Now more than ever students’ voices and their issues need to be heard. And we are here to listen. 

As community organisers, we hold virtual 1-2-1s and group meetings. We recognise that, more than ever before, you may want to speak to someone about what it’s like to be a student at Sussex and what makes you angry and what you value. We would love to connect with you to make your voice heard by the Union and University. 

Meet our team of community organisers



  - Chemistry MA

I am happy to listen to anyone's concerns, whether they have concerns regarding activities or another issue entirely. I share experiences with LGBTQ+ and First Generation scholar students.

[email protected]
Conor Sussex (Facebook)



  - International Developement with Arabic, 2nd year

I'm happy to speak to all students including those of ethnic minority background - including BAME and Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) students - as well as students of Islamic faith, women and First-Generation Scholars as I share these identities.

[email protected]
Hadeel Sussex (Facebook)



  - Sociology and International Development, 2nd year

I am open to listening to you no matter if you are an international or home student as well as an undergraduate or mature student.

[email protected]
Haris Sussex (Facebook)


(she/her or they/them)

  - American Studies and English, 2nd year

I feel particularly comfortable talking to women, LGBTQI+, Jewish and disabled students as these are 4 identity traits I hold. Of course, I am happy talking to any other students if you would like to meet.

[email protected]
Talia Sussex (Sussex)



  - Computer Science, Foundation Year

I am comfortable speaking to anyone including Foundation Year students. BAME students or whose from an ethnic minority background, women and first-generational scholars.

[email protected]
Aditi Sussex (Facebook)



  - PhD in Human-Computer Interaction

Being a parent and PhD student myself, I am especially comfortable speaking with students who share these experiences but I am also happy to speak to anyone else.

[email protected]
Grazia Ragone (Facebook)



  - Genetics MSci, 4th year

I share experiences with Muslim students, BAME students, women and first-generation scholars but I am more than happy to talk to other students too.
Tahmida Sussex



I am open to listening to you no matter if you are an international or home student as well as an undergraduate or mature student.

[email protected]
Elan Sussex (Facebook)



I am mainly listening to and working with Muslim students.

[email protected]

Community organising at Sussex and in Brighton

We are a member of Citizens UK, a national Community Organising body and a founding member of the Citizens UK's Brighton Alliance, an independent membership alliance of civil society institutions working together for the common good of our city. Citizens UK are broad-based community organisers, bringing organisations across the city together. By establishing a space where educational institutions, charities, faith institutions and businesses can work together to reach our and listen to their membership, communities can grow more powerful, hold decision-makers to account and work with them to make positive change happen in the city.

Contact us

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