BN6100HK aims to promote and explain the pro-democracy protest in Hong Kong and build solidarity among Sussex Students.

Campaign background

We stand with Hong Kong despite the distance of 6100 miles separating Brighton and Hong Kong, we made it the prototype of our logo. The literal components of our logo all carries a message: With HK leading, conveying our strong sense of belonging to HK BN as eyes, portraying the surveillance from Brighton. 6100, symbolising the delivery our voices despite the distance. It depicts us HK students making a stand and fight against the totalitarianism of the HK government from Brighton. The antiELAB movement has successfully assembled all kinds who love HK genuinely. In spite of our location, we join forces to support HK in all possible ways through a symbol, a slogan, and music (the 'HK Anthem'). On the other hand, through the figurative emblem, we connect as HKers.

Aims and objectives

The campaign's objectives are to:

  • Raise awareness of the pro-demoracry protests taking place in Hong Kong by organising a variety of events and actions such as stalls, flashmobs, film screenings, exhibitions and more.
  • Mobilise Sussex students and build solidarity both through social media, events and actions by educating them on how they can support the current situation in Hong Kong.
  • crowdfund in support for Hong Kong protests: We aspire to gather people who care for antiELAB movement to raise money. All income will be donated to 'SPARK ALLIANCE HK' after deducting the cost and expenses. 'SPARK ALLIANCE HK' is a NGO supporting HK protesters with legal aid, food, and travel subsidies, etc.

Get involved

Facebook: BN6100HK

Instagram: @BN6100HK

Email: [email protected]