Access Sussex

Campaigns aims and objectives

Access Sussex is a student-led campaign which aims to make the University of Sussex accessible to everyone, including to students and staff with visible or invisible disabilities . We want to enable all students to access the University of Sussex with ease by ensuring students with disabilities do not face discrimination through physical obstacles, or otherwise, to their university experience.

Access Sussex is about making accessibility everybody's business. We aim to raise awareness amongst all staff and students about disability and to provide a support network for Sussex students with disabilities. We moreover seek to promote and encourage support and community among students with disabilities.

The issue

Our campus remains incredibly inaccessible for students and staff with disabilities. Numerous reasons have been cited, such as the prevalence of listed buildings, situation of the campus within a valley and even branding problems, resulting in a lack of action in rectifying simple but widespread problems.

The University has a duty under the Equalities Act 2010 to make reasonable adjustments in relation to: provisions, criteria or practices: physical features; auxiliary aids. These adjustments apply where a disabled person is placed at a substantial disadvantage in comparison to non-disabled people. However, Sussex students and staff continue to face endless problems and discrimination both within teaching and learning and in physically getting around the campus.

Get involved

There are loads of ways to get involved.

You can follow us on Facebook to get updates on the campaign as well as to report any accessibility issues you come across. It's an easy way of helping Sussex become a bit more accessible. If you want to get even more involved, there is also a campaigns group that meets regularly. Join the closed group Access Sussex Campaigners for more information.

Access Sussex Student Network

The Access Sussex Student Network is an online network of Sussex students who have visible or invisible disabilities to support each other, share experiences and join a community. To join the network you must identify as having a disability. You can join the network here.


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