Volunteering Confidentiality Policy

Volunteer Confidentiality Policy - January 2018 update
The Students’ Union is committed to confidentiality and to advancing the ethical and
responsible use of all information resources and does not tolerate illegal, dishonest,
improper, or irresponsible use.
Nothing personal that another individual tells us within our service will be shared with any other organisation or individual outside of Students’ Union without that person’s permission.
The volunteer will maintain confidentiality whilst volunteering and after they have ended volunteering with the Students’ Union. 
We believe that the following principles of confidentiality must be integrated across all aspects of services and management.
The Students’ Union understands confidentiality to mean that no information regarding a volunteer or other individual shall be given directly or indirectly to any organisation or individual external to the Students’ Union, without consent to disclose such information.

All volunteers should ensure that no  personal or sensitive information (e.g. contact information or details of private conversations) about the  individuals they interact with whilst volunteering for the Students’ Union is shared externally or internally unless otherwise instructed by the volunteer’s staff contact as outlined in the Breaches of Confidentiality section..
Breaches of Confidentiality
The Students’ Union recognises that occasions may arise where Union volunteers feel they need to breach confidentiality.
The following are occasions when volunteers should breach confidentiality and immediately consult their appointed staff members who will take the necessary safeguarding or security steps:
1)    An individual is at immediate danger of harming themself or others,
2)    An individual is suspected of child abuse or neglect,
3)    An individual discloses information about planned or actual crime/ terrorism.
Statistical Recordings
Students’ Union is committed to effective statistical recording of volunteers, including demographic data, and individuals to enable Students’ Union to monitor our services and to identify any policy issues arising.
It is Students’ Union responsibility to ensure that all statistical records given to third parties (such as other members of the University, outside related organisations) shall be produced in anonymous form, so that individuals can not be recognised.
Volunteer Records
The Students’ Union will make every effort to ensure all volunteer records are kept safe in lockable filing cabinets, held electronically online or on the server. All information relating to volunteers will be secure.
Legislative Framework
The Students’ Union will monitor this policy to ensure it meets statutory and legal requirements including the General Data Protection Regulation, Children’s Act, Rehabilitation of Offenders Act and Prevention of Terrorism Act.
Ensuring the effectiveness of this Policy

All Students’ Union staff members and volunteers will have access to the confidentiality policy in the Volunteer Handbook. All staff who supervise volunteers will also have access to this policy through the Volunteer Coordinator Guide. Existing and new staff will be introduced to the  policy via induction and training.
This policy will be included in the annual review of volunteer related policies which the Get Involved Working Group reviews on an annual basis.
The confidentiality policy will be linked to from the Volunteer Handbook and on the Students’ Union website. 

If you have any concerns about this policy or a confidentiality issue related to your volunteering please contact your staff contact or Tori Cherry-Downes - Head of Activities and Engagement ([email protected]). 

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