Officer meetings with the University

As your officers, we regularly meet with the University to represent all students and lobby for your rights. To keep you updated, we're posting quick meeting summaries whenever we can.

As your Students' Union, we're separate from the University. Meeting with University management is one way for us, as officers, to ensure your voices (particularly those of the most vulnerable students) are heard and responded to by the University. Have a look at our archive for previous meeting notes.

Our meeting notes:

Date Meeting Discussion topics
24 August 2020 University management Safe return to campus, extra support / extensions, no-detriment policy
13 October 2020 Health & Safety Committee Covid-19 tests on campus
15 October 2020 University management Brighton Banter, Accommodation, Renters Rally, Fines, Body Cams, and more
29 October 2020 Weekly meeting with Kelly Coate and Jayne Aldridge Student Life Centre, no-detriment policy, IT equipment for students, exam board timing, complaints, Student Accounts, funding for the Buddy Scheme and Race Equity Advocates

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