Officer Review

The roles of your elected Officers have changed!

Why has this happened?

In the 2019 Spring referendum, Sussex students voted for the Students’ Union to introduce a full-time International Students’ Officer. We can only have six full-time Officers, so we undertook a review of what the other Officer roles should be alongside the International Students’ Officer. This involved research with students including 2 surveys, 10 focus groups and 61 interviews.

The new Officer roles:

Informed by our research with students, Exec have decided on the following 6 Full-time Officers:

  1. International Students’ Officer
  2. Education and Employability Officer
  3. Wellbeing Officer
  4. Diversity, Access and Participation Officer
  5. Societies, Sports and Events Officer
  6. Student Living and Sustainability Officer

Alongside these full-time Officers, there will be the following Part-time Officers:

  1. Students with Disabilities Officer
  2. BAME Officer
  3. Women’s Officer
  4. LGBTQ+ Officer
  5. Trans and Non-binary Officer
  6. Postgraduate Taught Officer
  7. Postgraduate Research Officer