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If you’re studying at Sussex or BSMS, you’re already a member of the Students' Union! We’re independent from the University, and you’re part of our community of 20,000 plus students.

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Explore the many groups, societies and sports clubs you can get involved with through the SU, and make new friends.

Student Advice

Whether you need support with your academic life, housing or personal circumstances, our dedicated Advice team can help.

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Have a look at all the wellbeing tips and resources on our Wellbeing page - you never know when you might need them.


Student Representation

Meet your Officers - the team of students responsible for leading your Students’ Union and ensuring student voices are heard by the University.

Student Campaigns

Campaigning is a big part of our work at the Students’ Union. Whether representing students within the University or campaigning at a local or national level on big issues, it's built into our ethos.

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